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Cash Cow Mobile ATM

Mobile ATMs In Canada
Cash Cow can provide trailers and standalone ATMs. They are perfect for special events, music festivals, town fairs, rodeos, and anywhere people may need cash.

Our services help drive cash flow necessary to support vendors, food trucks, beer gardens, ticket sales to name a few.

Special Events

  • Mobile Trailer Rentals
  • Standalone ATM Rentals
  • Wireless Debit Machine Rentals
  • Free Wireless Debit Machines – with Surcharge

Long Term

  • Buy, Rent, or Lease ATM
  • Debit Machines
  • Complete Merchant Services Products
Do we need internet?

No. We can provide internet using wireless 3G boxes that communicate over cell phone data. If cell phone bars are low, we may need to plug into local internet.

Do we need power?

Yes. Regular power outlet. Standard 15 to 20 amp breaker is sufficient. In some cases we can provide solar powered panels if necessary. We prefer to have direct power.

Who supplies cash?

Cash can be supplied by your group or ours. We offer a greater share of the revenue earned if you supply the cash.